Make it your own with customised texts and email messages

One of the fundamental points about Go Tenant is that it’s built around a pre-defined step-by step, process that is based on best practice and helps you stay compliant.

This starts from the very first viewing, through pre-qualification, application, electronic signing, check in, inventory and checkout.

As you go through the setup, there are many points at which automatic emails and texts are sent out to tenants and landlords. For example, confirmation of a booking, issuing the latest Right to Rent or text reminders of a viewing.

These can still be accessed in the relevant menu for that particular part of the landlord/tenant process, but we’ve also now created a separate section. And most importantly, you can now customise all of them and really make it your own!

So, if you want to mix things up a bit and are already a Go Tenant customer please access the new ‘Message Customisation’ menu in the set up or if you want to take us for a spin, sign up for a free 28 day trial.