Stay in control of your rents with the new Go Tenant Rent Tracker

We talk to our customers to find out what features they might find useful in the future and feedback has been that they’d love a way to track their rents. So, we’ve listened and are happy to release the new Go Tenant Rent Tracker which is now available.

You can now track rents against each tenant and property so you can always stay in control and chase tenants as necessary. Simply tick the paid box and the banner changes from ‘unpaid’ to ‘paid’.

You can also set the date of collection, if it’s weekly or monthly and add any notes you might want like ‘Joe has paid half the rent and waiting for pay day. Expect in 7 days.’ Oh, and you can log partial payment of rents too!

There’s a very handy printable statement that outlines the payment history of a tenant which, with the click of a button, can easily be emailed to the tenant. It’s also, a very useful audit trial in case any legal action might be required. We always focus on compliance!

Another great feature we’ve added is the ability to track your expenses against each property. These can be categorised and be set up as recurring or one offs and then when created as a report against income, it’s possible to see the profitability of each of your properties.

If you are already using Go Tenant then please login and start tracking your rents or if you haven’t taken us for a spin yet, please sign up for a free 28-day trial.